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Ceragem, Making an MOU with the Cheonan Support Center for Foreign Workers



The global healthcare company Ceragem announced on March 31st  that it made an MOU agreement with the Cheonan Support Center for Foreign Workers.


The center is located in Seongjeong-dong, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan where there are over 5,400 foreign workers across more than 1,100 companies.


Through the memorandum, the two sides agreed to actively promote programs that facilitate foreign workers` social integration in Korea. These include efforts to improve the Korean language capacity of foreign workers and their human and social rights.


Specifically, Ceragem and the center will cooperate with each other in social integration programs such as: Korean Language Academy for Foreign Workers, opening and operation of a rest area for foreign female workers, and education support of foreign workers` future plans after they return to their home countries.


CEO Lee Gyu-Cheol of Ceragem noted, "Ceragem was delighted that the agreement helps us fulfill our social responsibility as a global company. Additionally, we will regularly host meetings through which we can promote doing business with Ceragem among foreign workers planning to return to their home countries. We will actively help them achieve a better life based on precious memories and experiences gained during their stay in Korea."


After its establishment in 1998, Ceragem, with its unique experience-oriented marketing, has maintained a large following from customers in over 70 countries including Korea, China, and India, as well as many European countries. Its major businesses have expanded to cover diverse brands including shelax (individual thermal heat massagers), Naviel (women`s health care), Club Balance 5 (beauty and healthy diet), and Ceragem Health & Beauty (global cosmetics).  

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