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  • Bamboo Therapy Vita Cleansing Oil (135ml)

    This mild and fresh cleansing oil exfoliates dead skin cell and removes the impurities from the clogged pores. It contains seabuckthorn seed oil rich in Vitamin C and natural cleansing ingredients


    1) Apply generously on dry hand. Massage all over face.
    2) Spray small amount water on face, then massage again until oil and water turns milky.
    3) Rinse with warm water.

  • Perfection UV Cut Sun Screen (50ml)

    Contains patented formula 쏝eautiful Herb Story (4 herbs) that is developed using unique fermentation method. This triple action sun screen is essential for daily skin care. Improves fine lines, brightens and blocks UV Rays (SPF50 PA+++).


    Apply desirable amount to the area exposed to sun.

  • Green Tea Fondue Foam Cleanser (120ml)

    This mild foam cleanser contains green tea leave and green tea extract excellent for cleansing and soothing skin. Mild and fresh. It relaxes skin while cleansing.


    1) Wet face with warm water and release desirable amount of cleanser onto the palm.
    2) Apply to hand, add small amount of water then lather up.
    3) Gently massage face with soft, rich lather then rinse off.

  • Rose Fondue Foam Cleanser (120ml)

    Rose Fondue Foam Cleanser contains naturally dried rose petals and rosehip flower extracts. With its fine and rich foam, it provides excellent skincare while cleansing. Skin feels clean, clear and beautifully glowing with romantic aroma.


    Smooth over the skin after toner at AM and PM and pat gently to blend.

  • Bamboo Hydro BB Cream (45ml)

    Naturally covers blemishes and hydrates skin by forming moisture barrier on skin with natural hydrating ingredients from bamboo sap and Trehalose from cactus.


    Apply small amount to skin gently after basic skincare.

  • White Clay Masque (150ml)

    It is a wash-off type facial pack which contains Amazon white clay that absorbs excessive sebum and impurities to leave your skin clean and soft. It temporarily contracts pores by removing dusty blackheads and helps to promote skin elasticity.


    1) Cleanse face before putting on mask.
    2) Apply proper amount to whole face except eyes and lips.
    3) Leave on for 10min. Wash thoroughly with warm water smoothly.

  • White Flower Rich Cream (75ml)

    White Flower Rich Cream contains White Flower complex that enhances skin셲 moisture barrier and hydration component from Camellia that is known for its strong vitality in wild environment. It is a super hydration cream keeps your skin hydrated in maxim level for many hours. Soft, silky smooth and super hydrated.


    1) Wash face and soothe skin with toner.
    2) Apply over the face gently.
    3) Apply extra coat to dry area.

  • Green Moisture Skin Care Set

    Contained bamboo sap and snail slime filtrate excellent in recharging moisture and improving skin resilience, it restores skin balance and increase skin elasticity. Leaves your skin smooth and shiny.


    1) Put on Toner after wash.
    2) Softly apply Emulsion after using toner.
    3) At the last step of skincare,
        gently apply the cream all over face.

  • Green Moisture Eye Cream (20ml)

    The bamboo sap and snail slime filtrate keep moisture into the sensitive eye area for a long time. Gently nourishes and hydrates dry and tired eye area with excellent soothing effect. The Green Moisture Eye Cream creates healthier and younger look of your eye area.


    Apply small amount around eyes and pat gently to blend.

Greedy girl셲 collection
  • Greedy girl셲 collection
  • Velieve Complete Care Cream
    [Multi Skin Care] wrinkle reduction/brightening /sunblock SPF25 PA++ (30ml)

    Skincare, makeup and sunblock are all-in-one. Complete Care cream dramatically changes your skin, smooth and moist. Fine color capsules burst on skin and blend to create even and healthy skintone instantly. Protects skin from UV with SPF 25. The Complete Care cream completes your skin care all at once.


    1) After your basic care, apply appropriate amount over face gently.
    2) Fine color capsules burst on skin and blend to create even and healthy skintone.

  • Velieve Milky Pudding Cream
    [Whitening/ Brightening] (50ml)

    Instantly transforms skintone fair and clear. Good for both face and body. With moist, pudding-like texture, it is gentle on the skin. It is convenient.


    1) After shower and dry body with towel then place appropriate amount onto palm.
    2) Apply cream to the face and body wherever desire to lighten skintone.
    3) Reapply cream to the darker area such as elbow and knee.

  • Velieve Sebum Control Aqua Drop Cream (120g)

    Velieve Sebum Control Aqua Drop Cream ccontains minerals rich in ocean water and coral extract. It hydrates rough and dry skin with intense moisture as well as keeps oil and moisture balance. Leaves skin moist and fresh all day long without shine.


    Smooth over face gently after your basic
    skin care (at the cream step).

  • Velieve Whip Butter Ultra Body Chou (300ml)

    This ultra-moisturizer contained goat milk supplies nourishment and protects skin from dryness.


    1) Apply to body after shower then massage gently.
    2) Repeat application to dry and sensitive area.

  • Velieve Bikini Body Mist (210ml/60ml)

    VELIEVE bikini body mist contains Marine Broth ingredient and pine tree extract that helps care skin trouble effectively. It controls the balance of over produced sebum effectively. It maintains skin clean.


    1) Use after shower
    2) Spray 2~3 times in troubled area (back or chest) on dried body. Tap slightly to be absorbed.
    3) Repeat use in serious trouble area.Essential item for all seasons!