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  • OV Solution Super Moisture Ampoule (30ml)

    The ampoule moisturizes skin for a long time through a 3-step moisture enhancement system. Hyaluronic acid, the core element for moisturizing skin, supplies sufficient moisture. Various kinds of oils keep moisture stay longer while N.M.F. (Natural Moisturizing Factor) builds a moisture barrier and helps to keep skin fully moisturized by making moisture stay longer.

  • OV Solution Whitening Ampoule (30ml)

    The whitening ampoule helps to make the skin complexion clean and clear as well as treat dark spots with ingredients having a distinguished whitening effect. Niacinamide, the functional element for whitening that helps to care for skin complexion and relieve dark spots, makes skin healthy and bright. Glutathione helps to restore skin to be clearer and more brilliant.

  • OV Solution Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule (30ml)

    The wrinkle decline ampoule helps to make skin firmer and more resilient with ingredients that help to relieve fine wrinkles and lift skin. Peptides with a remarkable effect for enhancing reliance, adenosine, which is the functional element for wrinkle decline, and edelweiss stem cell culture solution, which retains skin resilience for a long time, all help to restore skin resilience and give a smooth skin texture and resilient skin by caring for wrinkles all over the face as well as loose skin caused by the lapse of time.

  • CERAGEM Nourishing High Frequency Cream (150ml)

    Asiaticoside extracted from Centella Asiatica, which helps to strengthen the skin barrier and the resilience of skin, and naturally-derived ingredients with distinguished effects for protecting and nourishing skin help to improve skin texture and resilience through a synergy effect and make skin younger and more vital. Fucoidan, hyaluronic acid and 8 kinds of aromatic essential oils helping to control skin balance and keep skin moisturized to the optimal condition help to make skin clear and moist.

  • CERAGEM Essential Ultrasonic Waves Gel (150ml)

    The moist gel formula, containing rich moisture, soothes exhausted and irritated skin. Fruit extract including orange and tangerine that nourish and vitalize skin and clean plant extracts help to make skin brighter and more resilient. Fucoidan, hyaluronic acid and natural aromatic oil that help to control skin balance and keep skin moisturized to the optimal condition help to bring about clear and moist skin.

  • CERAGEM Intense Soothing Body Gel (240ml)

    A highly functional body gel contains 50% Aloe Vera leaf extract with distinguished effects for soothing and moisturizing skin. Moist and pleasant care even for sensitive skin. Diverse kinds of plant extracts help to make skin resilient and smooth through synergy.

Greedy girl셲 collection
  • Greedy girl셲 collection
  • OV Reten Soft Daily Cleanser (100ml)

    The daily cleanser controls optimum pH levels even after washing. The dense foam thoroughly clears waste from parts of the body that can셳 be easily reached by rolling along the body셲 contours. Compound hyaluronic acid helps to make skin moist without a tight feeling even after washing.

  • OV Reten Essential Skin (120ml)

    [Functional cosmetics for wrinkle decline]

    Dense texture like essence is quickly absorbed into exhausted skin and helps to make skin moister. The gloss boosting toner, which contains rich active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, the powerful moisturizing element, edelweiss stem cell culture medium for healthy skin and argan oil, helps to make skin moist and resilient.

  • OV Reten Essential Lotion (120ml)

    [Functional cosmetics for whitening, wrinkle decline]

    Contains plant oil extracted from olive and shea butter. Help skin moisturized and evenly toned.

  • OV Reten Collagen Cream (50ml)

    [Functional cosmetics for whitening, wrinkle decline]

    Collagen helps to strengthen the resilience and barrier of skin by intensive nourishing. Dense and nutritious cream helping to make skin healthier is gently applied to skin as if it were melting into the skin. Rich collagen and Reten peptide complex helps to lift skin and make skin more resilient and healthier. High nutrient cream for wrinkle decline.

  • OV Reten Perfect Suncare (60ml)

    [Functional cosmetics for whitening, wrinkle decline and sun block]SPF50+, PA+++

    The mild sun cream thoroughly blocks UV rays in daily life. The fresh sun cream thoroughly blocks UV rays in daily life by closely adhering to skin with a light, moist texture. The ingredients helping to moisturize and enhance the resilience of the skin, including hyaluronic acid and peptide, help to fully moisturize and enhance the resilience of skin exhausted from UV rays. This worry-free sun cream is perfect even for sensitive skin.


    [Functional cosmetics for whitening, wrinkle decline and sun block]SPF50+, PA+++

    The BB Cream for wrinkle decline completes natural coverage and gloss by lightly adhering to the skin. The BB Cream promises a natural, splendid and brilliant finish by covering dark spots on skin with a distinguished coverage effect. The Multi BB cream provides whitening, wrinkle decline and sun block functions all at the same time. The Multi BB cream protects skin, which can be easily exhausted due to the harmful environment of daily life, in various aspects and helps to keep skin resilient, moist and brilliant all day long.


    [Functional cosmetics for whitening, wrinkle decline]

    The Vita capsule with multiple functions contains various kinds of plant extracts with rich vitamins and 10 kinds of vitamin elements restoring the native clear and vital light of the skin. Ten kinds of vitamins such as the essential nutrients, vitamin derivatives, rosehip oil and argan oil richly contained in the vita capsule help to make skin healthier and glossier. * 10% vitamin * 40% natural ingredients with rich vitamin elements * 17% natural Alaskan ice water.