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嫄닿컯臾명솕 꽑룄湲곗뾽
More than a decade has passed since Ceragem showcased thermal massagers on the market for healthy, beautiful living for people around the world. With a pioneering spirit, we have tackled continual challenges to be the first and the best in the world. We were the first company in our industry that led the automation of thermal massagers and we built the foundation for where we are today by entering the global market from scratch and establishing a strong global business network. Now, we focus on transforming Ceragem into 쐙our partner for healthy centenarians. As a partner you can trust and a company leading healthy lifestyles for people around the world, we are aiming high for bigger, better future.
씤瑜 嫄닿컯利앹쭊
Healthy living is the value that humankind, with our finite lives, values the most. Since its inception, Ceragem has been a company with social accountability through our dedication and volunteer work around the world to 쐏romote healthy living of mankind. Focusing on three core values, 쐀eing customer-oriented, honesty and transparency, and respect for employees, Ceragem strives to be a loved and respected company that will last for the next 100 years with values uniting our employees around the world.
씤瑜 嫄닿컯利앹쭊
I want to thank you for your consistent support that has helped us become successful. I promise you that we will do our best to provide our global customers seeking healthy, beautiful living with the best products and services and that Ceragem will ultimately contribute to improving the quality of living for all. I ask you for your continual support and interest on behalf of Ceragem.

Thank you very much.