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As a new function of the CERAGEM thermal massager, spine scanning is done to provide massage customized to each body type. The internal projector measures the spine length of the user, moving from the head to the pelvis area, to find and stimulate different massaging areas and different pressure points of different people; thus providing more effective, customized massage.

뒪留덊듃 룄옄씠룞 떆뒪뀥

Added for more comfortable, effective massage, the SPMS function is a projector moving system wherein the internal projector renders the appropriate intensity of massage according to the user셲 body type. You can experience extraordinary satisfaction as the internal projector presses along the body curves and moves.


Ceragem has been using "serpentine jade" -- a natural mineral jade with high emitting rate of radiant far infrared heat --as the main material of the projector to provide more radiant far infrared heat thermal effect when you use the thermal massager. Furthermore, the heating element of the internal projector newly developed by CERAGEM R&D center provides better thermal effect though its innovative improment of reducing the heating time of the thermal massager and extening the service life of the projector to semi-permanent.

The 12 massage programs allow you to choose what is appropriate for your health condition. Start more effective health care with the advanced massage program.

For greater thermal effect, it is better to use the optimal temperature that suits the user셲 body. REFLAX has improved user satisfaction with the thermal effect, with its system controlling the temperature every 1째C.

뒪留덊듃 뵒옄씤

An innovative style that has veered away from the conventional type of existing thermal massagers! You can enjoy thermal massage anytime, anywhere since it is made more portable with its slim all-in-one folding-type design.


With its all-in-one slim body line and the remote control receptacle of its main body, it has combined modern design with convenience of use.


With its super lightweight design that is incomparable to existing automatic thermal massagers and its installed wheels, it can be easily moved anywhere by anybody.


External projectors have been improved to match the standard pressure points based on alternative medicine and are easy to use with their grip-type design. Since you can use external projectors on other parts of your body or body parts of your family members during a massage, you can enjoy various thermal massages.

Folding Type Design for Easy Storage


A thermal massager relieves the muscle main by providing a certain amount of heat to the human body. (This product is a 쐌edical device. Please read 쏞aution and 쏧nstruction carefully before use.)


援ъ꽦 諛 궗뼇

External Projector (3-Sphere/9-Shere)

01 External Projector (3-Sphere/9-Shere)

Convenient to use to abdomen, shoulder, arm and leg. Can be used together with the main massager or in the two-people mode.

Projector Cover

02 Projector Cover

Use the cover over the external projector.

Remote Control

03 Remote Control

It controls the product function and confirms the operation status.

Remote Control Cable

04 Remote Control Cable

Connects the remote control and the main mat.

Remote Control Back Label

05 Remote Control Back Label

Explanation of the remote control key.
Attach to the back of the remote control.

Power Cord

06 Power Cord

Plug one end of the power cord into the main mat first and the other one into the outlet.

User셲 Manual

07 User셲 Manual

It describes how to use the products.

Protective Cover

07 Protective Cover

Protects the product from getting dirt and burns.
The cover is detachable and washable.

Model No. CGM MB-1201 Product Description Automatic Thermal Massager
Voltage 220V~, 60Hz Power Consumption 150VA
Product Use Environment Temperature 10쨘C ~ 40쨘C Height and Weight Scanning Range 120cm~186cm
Product Dimension Unfolded : 2080mm x 600mm x 120mm(짹5mm)
Folded : 1170mm x 600mm x 175mm(짹5mm)
Product Weight
(Not including the other components)
Purpose to Use

Personal Thermal Massager

This electric thermal massage pad provides a certain amount of heat to the human body to warm body and relieve the muscle pain. A doctor셲 prescription and instruction are needed for use.

Medical Vibrator

This is a medical device relieving the minor muscle pain by applying physical energy (vibration, shock, pressure, etc) to the human body. This category does not include an electric massager manufactured simply to help the general health.

Manufacturer CERAGEM CO., LTD.


궗슜諛⑸쾿 꽑깮 젣뭹꽕移由щえ肄 援ъ꽦 諛 궗슜諛⑸쾿紐⑤뱶蹂 궗슜諛⑸쾿젣뭹 씠룞諛⑸쾿옄媛젏寃愿由ъ슂졊 諛 蹂닿諛⑸쾿A/S떊泥 쟾 솗씤由щえ肄 뿉윭硫붿꽭吏

Download the manual for the whole contents. 궗슜꽕紐낆꽌 떎슫濡쒕뱶