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  • Balance Tea (1.5g횞60ea)

    냽Containing natural ingredients including green tea, hibiscus, dried tangerine peel and rosehips.
    냽Stick packs easy to bring and take.
    냽A drink to relieve thirst in summer and an herb tea to warm the body in winter.


    1) Mix 1 packet (500ml) with water and enjoy.
    2) Adjust the amount of water and temperature according to your preference. (It dissolves well in cold water, too).

  • Balance Active Probiotics (3g횞30 package)

    냽Helping to proliferate lactobacillus and inhibit harmful germs.
    냽Helping facilitate bowel movement.
    냽Twelve kinds of dual coated lactobacillus.


    1) Take 1 packet a day; do not mix with water (This product is not to mix with water).
    2) It is convenient to carry with individual stick packet.

  • Balance Active D (5g횞21 package)

    냽Containing psyllium seed husk (high dietary fiber contents).
    냽Containing milk thistle.
    냽Containing plant fermentation enzyme.


    1) Take 1 packet with enough water (at least 500ml) once or twice a day.
    2) Take it soon after opening.

  • Balance Shaker V (30g횞30 packet)

    냽Weight-control preparation
    냽None of the 3 major additives (artificial coloring, synthetic sweeteners, sugar)
    냽Intake of 13g protein per Balance Shaker
    냽A 115kcal, low calorie meal.


    1) Pour milk or soy milk (200ml) into a shaker (cup).
    2) Empty contents of one Balance Shaker packet into a shaker. Shake well. Enjoy for a meal.

  • Balance Optima Multi Vitamin Mineral ((1,000mg, 700mg횞1tablet)횞30 packet)

    냽High contents of 13 vitamins and 8 minerals.
    냽Containing 11 natural vitamins including Acerola, Blueberry, Cranberry and Raspberry.
    냽Containing 15 grains including brown rice, black beans, Job셲 tears, Sorghum and Tetrastichum.


    1) Take two tablets once a day with enough water.
    2) Take soon after opening the packet.

  • Balance Power Booster (30mlX30 packet)

    냽Containing natural ingredients including tropical fruits, Garsinia, Calamansi, grapefruit, apple and lemon.
    냽Weight and body fat control
    냽Inhibition of carbohydrates
    냽A delicious diet with functional health food.


    1) Take 1 packet (30ml) a day. Take it before meal. Cut off the top of the packet along the line to take the contents.
        (allows 2 packets a day according to body type, program and diet goal)

  • Balance Green Enzyme (3g횞30 packet)

    냽Containing over 102 fermented plant ingredients.
    냽15 kinds of grain mixture enzymes and 87 kinds of plant enzymes.
    냽Including mulberry leaves, kale, green tea, Angelica utilis and barley leaves.
    냽Simple stick packs easy to take any place any time.


    1) Take 1 packet (30g) a day, empty contents directly into the mouth or take with water.
    2) For increase of digestion and nutrition absorption, recommend to take Balance Green Enzyme no more than 30 minutes after meal.
        (2~3 packets a day are allowed for active metabolism and fast effect.)