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Ceragem donated `Ceragem Master V3` to the Presbyterian Medical Center, celebrating the completion of clinical research.



Ceragem, the global health care specialist, announced that it held the `Thermal Spine Massager Ceragem Master V3 Donation Ceremony`, celebrating the completion of clinical research with the Presbyterian Medical Center on the 16th.

The ceremony was held in the conference hall in the David John Steel Memorial Building at the Presbyterian Medical Center, to donate 8 units of Ceragem Master V3, the representative product of Ceragem, as well as to celebrate the successful completion of clinical research with the Presbyterian Medical Center. About 10 related parties, including the CEO of Ceragem and the President of the Presbyterian Medical Center, joined the ceremony.

Started in July 2017, the clinical research investigated the safety and efficiency of therapy using Ceragem Master V3(CGM MB-1401), against pain, and the correlation between Ceragem Master V3 in response to those with immune function ailments and chronic pain. The research was implemented by the Medical Device Clinical Center in the Presbyterian Medical Center and Jeonju University and Nambu University participated as the analysis institutes.

In accordance with the research results, the test group using Ceragem Master V3 showed positive reactions related to the improvement of immune function and anti-oxidation effects.

Ceragem Master V3 provides the custom massagefor each user, as the unique projector system works up and down, utilizing the spine curvature scanning function. It is the home medical device providing a more pleasant and effective massage to fit the physical status of each user, allowing for 12 massage programs and 6-level strength control.

Moreover, Ceragem Master V3 acquired approval from the USA FDA in 2015 and has been exported to about 70 countries globally. An official of Ceragem said, โ€œCeragem and the Presbyterian Medical Center considered the research results to be very encouraging because we observed the effect of Ceragem Master V3 on immunity and anti-oxidation as well as therapeutic effects against pain. Ceragem hopes the Ceragem Master V3 donated through this ceremony will help patients with spine diseases or muscular pains and their families.โ€

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